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Art & DT Exhibition

Thank you to all those who attended our stunning exhibition - it proved to be a great success and show pieced work from all the children in the school. We are delighted that everyone enjoyed it and our special thanks go to Julie Mansfield and Beverley Hodgkinson for coordinating a huge team effort.

At Collis Primary School we set a high value on stimulating creativity and imagination and we pride ourselves on our excellent and vibrant displays.


We see Art as providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences; and we use it as a unique way for our pupils to understand and respond to the world.


Pupils learn to experiment with colour, form, texture, pattern using different materials and processes to communicate what they feel and think. In addition, they learn to explore ideas and meanings in the work of artists.


Frequently we partake in local exhibitions and interact with local community projects. We also encourage participation and links with our art galleries, who often provide exciting visits and workshops.