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Children's thoughts on year 1


English - I like writing instructions about how to make a T-Shirt.  I used time conjunctions.  Nini


Maths – I like doing adding and taking away.  I like adding big numbers.  Sarah


Science - I like learning about animals, facts about what they eat and their natural habitats.  Theo


Art - I enjoyed drawing boats with oil pastels because I really like boats.  Isla S


D&T - I liked making a clock because I enjoyed using a split pin.  Holly P


Computing - I love learning new things like how to type.  Harvey


Geography - I like drawing my African T-Shirt using fabric pens.  Jonty


History - We enjoy being detectives trying to discover things that people had in their homes 100 years ago.  Zoran


Music – I like singing fun songs in Birthday Assembly.  Chloe C


PE – I like when the teacher asks us to go on our colour groups and we do gym things.  Daniel R


RE – I like learning about Lakshmi the Hindu God.  Josie