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Webpages made by Year 4

In Feb/March 2017 Year 4 learned how to make their own web pages using HTML, a scripting language that is used in web development. Initially the children used Mozilla X-Ray Goggles which allows them to edit almost any website easily on their local device. They learned how to change text and images and realised how much fun it can be.


Our year 4 ITC teacher, Shaz Yousaf, then made a simple HTML template which the children customised to make their own pages. They were taught how to add headings, images, text, fonts and colours. They were allowed to write about and show images about which ever topic they wanted.


Writing code 'by hand' is quite advanced so the children have done very well. It's easy to make mistakes. Putting speech marks, a bracket or a semi colon in the wrong place can sometimes make a part of the page or even the entire script stop working! We have included the pages which still have a few mistakes on them. Mistakes are a healthy part of learning after all.