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Children's thoughts on year 1


English - I really enjoyed writing letters to people to say 'thank you'.  Alexa


Maths - We loved finding new things out and loved the sums and challenges too.  Alex and Alexa


Science - Science Week was GREAT.  We loved making fizz bubbles and magic milk.  Fabian and Evelyn


Art - I loved learning how to paint and blend colours.  Francesca


D&T - Making a volcano was so exciting.  It was so messy and I loved it.  Isabella


Computing - Finding out about e-safety was very important.  Erin


Geography - I had great fun finding out where all the countries and cities were.  Jack


History - I loved drawing the old Victorian houses.  Orla


Music – We loved singing and learning new songs.  Caietan and Flavia


PE – Going on all the apparatus in gymnastics was AMAZING.  Maziey


RE – I really enjoyed learning about different religions.  Tabitha