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An Engagement with the Queen!

At eleven O’clock on the 15th May 2012, the 30 lucky children who had been pulled out of the hat to see the Queen, set off to Richmond Park.  13 of the children settled down in the school minibus and the other 17 walked round to Teddington station, where they caught the train to Norbiton and then continued the journey on a shuttle bus.

The minibus people arrived first with Miss Bray and a few minutes later the train arrived.  We had a picnic lunch before walking round a little and then going into the schools’ tent with some farm animals.  We then found a good place to stand to see the Queen.  Unfortunately, it started to hail heavily and we rushed back to the tent.  Then the teachers chose a few girls to hand posies to the Queen, including me!  At first we thought we would not be able to hand over our posies, but luckily a Scout leader lifted us over the railings so we could.  For me personally it was the most exciting moment, we gave the posies to the Queen and curtsied.  We then hurried to the shuttle bus stop and had to stand around in the cold for an hour until Mr Butterfield saved the day and picked us up in the mini bus.  When I got home I had a hot bath and an early night!

It was a most exciting day and I think we will still be telling the story when we are 86!

By Charlotte Stonehouse