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Art and DT exhibition at Collis Primary School

Amazing Art and DT at Collis School!

On the 2nd and 3rd of April, there was a very special exhibition at Collis.  The theme for the exhibition was “Life on Earth” and everyone in the school participated with pieces produced by children from the Nursery all the way up to Year 6; it was clear just how talented the students are!

One of the main exhibits was a poppy field created by Year 5.  Equipped with a cannon, giant poppies and a field of smaller signed the poppies, it was a very moving experience to see.  Someone from the Royal British Legion even paid a visit!

Hanging on the walls were Year 6’s clocks: giant wrestling belts, huge pink ice creams with flake included and even a tardis! Did you realise how imaginative you could be with a clock? In separate class rooms, these creative eleven year olds played entertaining animations made in ICT lessons and the video documentary made with Paul Gowers which was a huge success.

Not far from the clocks, Year 4 turned the alcove into an ocean so that all of their wonderful sea creatures could be displayed in their “natural habitat”.  With a beautiful waterfall gushing over the balcony and pretty blue lights, it really did feel as if you were entering another world.

Cleverly disguised, in a corner of the hall, was a giant toadstool which had an enormous caterpillar and beautiful butterflies hovering on the top and mysterious masks on the stalk.  Peeping through the eye holes, the hidden treasures of an underground world was revealed: a fox, a mole, spiders, worms and even skulls…….

Whilst the Reception children taught us all about the “elements” with their beautiful paintings, collage and models, the Nursery children took us on a journey to another planet with their fabulous moon buggies.  Everybody loved their brightly coloured and sparkly underpants for aliens!

Travelling across the globe, Year 3 treated us to exquisite prints and clever masks displayed on totem poles.  There was even a pyramid with sand!  Year 2 shared their incredible drawings of St Paul’s and the super clay models of our local cheese shop. Whilst Year 1 put out their washing to dry: a line of printed t-shirts provided a very colourful display. 

Close to these fabulous t-shirts was perfect for the catwalk where Year 5 children modelled the clothes they had designed AND made! Like true professionals, they paraded to music for two shows – even the local paparazzi turned up to take photos.

This is just a “taster” of the exceptional exhibits; the hall was spilling over with outstanding talent. If you managed to come along, thank you for supporting our exhibition.  If you didn’t make it – you missed out on a very special event!  Luckily, you can see some of the photos to get an idea of just how spectacular this was.


Written by Panu Hietanen and Ashley Redding