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Battle of the Books Final

On Thursday 20th June, Collis took part in the Battle of the Books Final at Chase Bridge School. In this event, Year 4 children from schools in Richmond Borough participate in a quiz, drama and art activities. All the activities relate to particular books which the children have read throughout the year.


Lauren McLaren, Lottie Reed, Finlay Pickrell, Millie Newman, Maddie Maclachlan, Olivia West, Will Tillotson and Sam Pritchard represented Collis School. Here are some of their impressions:

Last Thursday, some of Year 4 went to Chase Bridge School for Battle of the Books. We were thrilled to be going. It was a fantastic experience, although we didn’t win and personally I really enjoyed it! We came joint 13th out of 21 schools! Maddie

I thought Battle of the Books was extra fun! My favourite book was Cosmic. At the Final our drama was about a family and an elephant escaping from a hotel. I had a really great time.Olivia

Battle of the Books was really fun. There were three rounds: the quiz (which we did most work for which paid off as we came joint first), the art round which we didn’t do so well in and the drama round. Sam

Battle of the Books was brilliant, and the books were too. The quizzes were fun and I liked talking about books. Finlay

The easiest question in the quiz was from Traction Man and the hardest was from Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Lottie

I really enjoyed Battle of the Books because I love reading new books and drama. The day was fun because we got to do a performance of An Elephant in the Garden (my 5th fave book in the world!)  Will

My favourite book was An Elephant in the Garde, however, I am glad I found out about Frank Cottrel Boyce and Eva Ibbotson. I am very proud of winning the quiz (we came joint first) out of 21 Schools. Lauren

I thought Battle of the Books was a great experience. We answered lots of questions on the books and my favourite round was the quiz. I had a great day. It couldn’t have been better.Millie