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Battle of the Books - Thursday 19th June 2014

At the beginning of the year, all three Year 4 teachers chose 4 people from their own class, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Grace Gaskins, Francesca Lynes, Lewis Low and Aidan Malka were chosen from 4D.  From then on, at 2.30pm every Tuesday, we attended meeting in the Library with Mrs Fursdon and Mrs Macleod.  At the meetings we discussed books that they had given us to read a particular number of chapters (or pages) from the last meeting.  Some of the books were picture books, so we read them as a group in the library.  At 5 weeks from the end of term there were 12 of us altogether but only 8 could go to the actual competition with 24 other schools, so Mr Butterfield picked 8 names randomly from a hat.   Unfortunately, Aidan and Lewis weren’t picked but we (Francesca and Grace) were! YAY!!  On the day there were 3 rounds:  Quiz, Art and Drama.  In the Quiz we would send one of our team mates to go up to the front and answer a question on a whiteboard.  In Art we were given a choice of two books, we had to choose one of them to do a piece of art work on.  They gave us all the materials we would need, such as glue, tissue paper, coloured card and a big piece of paper on which to do all our art.  In Drama we chose one of the books to pick a scene from to act out.  We went outside to practise.  Our book was Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo.  Grace was the door and Franci was the Elephant.  The rest of our team mates were the other characters.  We hope you enjoyed reading this piece.