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Battle of the Books

This year Battle of the Books was held here at Collis.  Twenty two schools from around the borough visited us on 17th June to take part in a fun day of quizzes, art and drama all based on some fabulous children's books.  Our team of Year 4 children did very well, coming fourth in the quiz.  Here are some thoughts from the children taking part.


“Battle of the Books really inspired us to read more books.  We thought the day was really lively and fun.  We enjoyed the drama, art and quiz as they were all really different and exciting.  We are all very happy to have taken part in this great event and to have come fourth in the quiz.”  Aly B 4M and Romilly G 4D


“Battle of the Books was really fun and exciting. I really enjoyed the drama.”  Tristan G 4M


“Battle of the Books is great fun and has inspired me to read bigger books.”  Ethan L 4H


“We really enjoyed reading and learning about the books.  I am really happy to have been chosen to take part in this great event and to have come fourth in the quiz.  I will never forget this.”  Heidi L 4B


“We were really excited when the final day arrived. First we did a quiz, then we did art and made a really cool bright red rocket. I enjoyed the drama most because it was fun and entertaining.”  Mia R 4D