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Boys Singing Workshop, HHJS – Tuesday 15th October 2013

‘Persuading eight- to 13-year-old boys to comb their hair, let alone join a choir, is a tough call. It takes a particular kind of popular genius. Choir director Garry Jones is one.’ The Guardian

Several boys from across Years 3 to 6 were invited to attend a Boys Singing Workshop on Tuesday 15th October at Hampton Hill Junior School led by Garry Jones, from the multi-award-winning Warwickshire Boys Choirs. Garry was indeed an inspirational leader and conductor with a fantastic instinct for the sort of music that boys enjoy singing together. He was full of brilliant ideas with all sorts of repertoire and handouts, and had a room full of buzzing enthusiastic boys who really enjoyed singing together.

Charlie in 5M wrote this account …

On Tuesday, 17 Collis boys were given an opportunity to sing at the boys’ workshop. Firstly, we did a warm up. I enjoyed it, it was very fun! Then we sang a variety of songs which were really exciting. Finally, we sang a song to our parents and a few visitors.