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Brentford Football Training

On Tuesday, 8th May 2012, a couple of Brentford coaches, came to give the lucky 8 boys that were playing at Wembley, an hour long training session.  Kindly, the coaches (Graham and Ryan) agreed to let the whole squad come along too.

First of all, we practised our dribbling skills by playing a game of tag, where you have to take other people’s bibs – which were hanging out of their shorts – whilst dribbling. However, you had to be careful not to lose your own one! Meanwhile, the club mascot, Buzzbee, was planning for a late arrival which surprised us all. Everyone cascaded into him, and we had a few photos.

Afterwards, we did about 20 minutes worth of games on a small pitch (AvsB), whilst the Cs played against each other. Next, for the rest of the session, Ryan took the As separately for some shooting practise; the B & C team took each other on in a game.

Overall, I think everyone had an excellent time and a huge thank you to the coaches. Also, good luck to the boys that are playing at Wembley. Hopefully, there is more excitement to come.

Written by Jake Berry