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BrightSparks Concert

28 lucky children, mostly from the Collis Orchestra, were offered the opportunity to experience an orchestral concert – live! The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s BrightSparks concert took place on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at the Royal Festival Hall and was a truly inspiring day for the children.

Lydia and Abi in 5T wrote this account …

Last week, on 13th October the Orchestra and the viola players went to the Royal Festival Hall. Firstly, we met in the old hall. Then, we went to Teddington train station, we got on a train and went all the way up to London. Next, we went past the London eye. Then we arrived at the Royal Festival hall. After that, we had a snack. Then we went up what seemed millions of stairs to the theatre. Not long after that we went to our seats and then finally the concert started. There were three pieces of music and they named the instruments played in the orchestra. Some of the instruments were the harp, piano, violin, viola, cello, and clarinet. One of my favourite pieces was the young person guide to the orchestra. Then it finished. We walked back to the train station got on a train and not long after that we were in Teddington.

By Lydia F. and Abi A. 5T