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Collis Celebs!

On Monday 10th January, two of the members of the choir – along with Miss Habershon – were lucky enough to visit the BBC studios and make an appearance on BBC Breakfast News. They chatted on the sofa with Sian Williams and Bill Turnball about their experiences singing as part of the Young Voices concert in December at the O2 arena. They all had a brilliant time and the following accounts of the day from both Hannah and Jonathon, show how much they thoroughly enjoyed the experience:


On Monday 10th January 2011, my alarm clock woke me up at 6:00am. As I got ready for the day ahead of me, my tummy started to tense up with anxiety. It was 7:00am when I reached the school and I changed my blue shirt for a white Collis one. The taxi had already arrived and we all nervously waited for Jonny to arrive. At last he arrived at Collis and Miss Habershon, Jonny and me all practically jumped into the taxi.


The journey didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and I barely spoke to anyone the whole way there, I just stared out of my window into space…


The studios were huge; I had to crane my neck to see the top of the building. We entered the building and were shown to the green room. Jonny and I both had a pain au chocolat and a glass of orange juice whilst watching the news. One moment a person was sitting on the sofa and when we left they were on the telly!


Minutes had gone passed and we were taken to our own dressing room which we shared with the director of Young Voices. My tummy started to churn and I couldn’t wait to sit on the comfy red sofa next to Sian Williams and Bill Turnball. Just as I finished my thought, we were called to the studio where it was happening!


A woman clipped mikes onto us, but as I had no back pocket I had to put it behind me. She led us to our places and I was next to Bill Turnball.


My highlight was when I was asked my first question by Bill Turnball. My heart started to drum hard but when I spoke I felt proud to be there, at the studios, representing Collis.


It was finished very quickly and I knew that I would never forget those moments. When I was asked to appear on the BBC (I was told on my birthday) and it made my day, better than any present I got.


On the way back I talked more than on the way there! We arrived at school and we were both harassed by questions about the day. I smiled.


By Hannah


On Monday 10th January 2011, I woke up, buzzing with excitement. Rapidly, I gobbled up a bowl of cereal and brushed my teeth. As quickly as I could, I put my coat in, grabbed my bag, and hurried outside.


When I got to school, the taxi was waiting, its red lights blazing like fire. The journey seemed to go on forever! I couldn’t stop moving!


Eventually we arrived at the staggeringly large BBC studios. Dawdling along, I gazed at the building, marvelling at its brilliance. Stumbling, we pushed through the double doors and into the building. It was almost aloof, making us bow in its magnificence.


Five minutes later, a tall woman strutted towards us, a notepad tucked under her arm. Smiling, she led us to the BBC greenroom. Wide-eyed, I started at all the jaw dropping food; there were: hot baguettes, tasty finger sandwiched, luscious croissants and scrumptious biscuits. When they offere4d us food, I asked for a diet coke and a croissant. It was better than anything I had ever tasted, the smell wafted up my nostrils, making me smile!


Suddenly, they rushed us to the dressing room while they prepared. We spoke to a man named Ben who ran Young Voices. Apparently, Young Voices is a family business that started 15 years ago in Ireland.


Minutes later, they led us to the room that the Breakfast News was being filmed in. I was fairly surprised by the size of the room. Compared to what it looked like on television it was tiny! Literally, it was a corner of a room! We were miked up and sent to sit on the sofa with Sian Williams and Bill Turnball. I was SO nervous! I held my breath until they asked me my first question; after that, I started to relax.


After what seemed like milliseconds, we strode off the stage and back to the dressing room. After being thoroughly congratulated by Miss Habershon, we got back in the taxi, and went back to school.


By Jonathon