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Continents Day - Friday 26 Sept 2014

Last Friday we all dressed up and did different activities. The kitchens made a delicious continental lunch and we all joined together in assembly at the end of the day to chat about what we did.


In Antarctica (Reception), they dressed up as penguins, watched Pingu and learnt about penguins and Antarctica as well as making cup penguins. Also, they made penguin hats.

Welcome to Africa (Year 1)! They sang songs (Down in the jungle), watched a DVD and learnt African words. Also they painted fantastic pictures with their hands!


Up in Canada (Year 2), they made beautiful Canadian animal colleges, learnt about Canada and drew more Canadian landscapes.


Meanwhile, down in Australia (Year 3), they learnt an Australian song and drew pictures of Sydney opera house and Sydney Bridge. They baked Australian cakes and learnt Australian dances and even painted where Australia was on the map. Someone also came in to chat to them about what it’s like in Australia.


Across in Europe, the children were busy doing European food tasting. They sampled gazpacho, Belgian chocolate, taramasalata, croissants and Swiss cheese. They learnt Irish dancing, designed quizzes and made their very own models of the Eiffel Tower.


 Over in South America (Year 5), they made carnival masks, learnt to speak some Portuguese and even danced the Macarena.


Finally, in Asia (Year 6), we made sushi, did a maths lesson in Japanese and drew our own Manga characters.

We all had a lot of fun!

Ethan and Oskar