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Cricket - CHAMPIONS!!!!

On 12th June we walked to NPL and practised our cricket skills.  The team were Abi Avery, Alex Dixon, Thomas Hawke, Matthew Hawke, Monty Harrowell, Kate Middleton, Charlie Stallard, Tom Croft, Emma Bridge and Sam Hyder with Mr Bates as Manager.  For our first match our captain, Abi Avery, won the toss so we fielded first.  Alex Dixon took two behind.  Thomas Hawke bowled one of these balls and Kate bowled the other.  This was followed by more wickets.  All matches started off with 200 runs. St John the Baptist got 244 and we got 307.  WE WON!  St Mary’s only got 201 and we got 347.  WE WON AGAIN!


We lost the last game of our group, and it was very tight.  We did not get through first time, but we had the most runs so we got through second time (lucky).


In the semi-final we played a challenging team from  St Stephens.  Matthew Hawke made a stunning catch and a stunning stop.  WE WON !!


Time for the Final.  We played St Mary’s &

St Peter’s  -  they batted well but we were outstanding in the field.  They ended on a score of 271.  We knew we had to work hard.  Sam and Charlie went to bat first and did extremely well.  Abi and Matthew went next but Abi unfortunately got bowled by Thomas De Grucy, a good rival of ours.  Monty and Emma did amazingly well.  Alex and Thomas went to bat next.  Alex blocked the first two balls and then ran a single.  Thomas unluckily got bowled to a very good ball.  The last ball Alex hit hard for a four.  It was very tense when they called out the scores.  They got 271 and we got 290.  We won the whole tournament !!