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Over the summer holidays (August 2013) Miss Rout, Miss Day and Miss Kay went to Ghana to volunteer for a teaching project in a series of small community schools near Lake Volta.

At school we asked children to donate equipment, for example: art supplies, sports equipment, books and clothing. We were completely overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. As you can see from the photos below, your response was phenomenal and we were hugely grateful with the variety of equipment we had to take with us. We also raised money at school by holding a ‘Bad Hair Day’ and cake sale to fund projects out there. Thank you to everyone who has taken part it was a huge success and we raised just over £1000.

We spent most of our time there Volunteering in a school set up by Volunteers in Fulani Village.


We left lots of amazing resources which the children donated in the Volunteer building for use at this and many other community schools in the area.


The money donated went towards giving Fulani village a bore hole, so they could use clean water instead of walking a long distance to the nearest river, where the water was dirty. This was completed in November 2013, it was a very exciting day, for the whole community.


Money also went towards medical supplies, when a medical team of doctors and nurses from the USA visited for 2 weeks to carry out life changing treatments.


Money also went towards a small village, Oboyan. This community didn’t have electricity or a clean water source, with your money we purchased a water filter, rice, soap, toothpaste, medicine, biscuits and juice. We also gave lots of cuddly toys and clothing which you had donated.