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Life on Earth


On the 27th of February at Collis Primary School in the CATS room, Mr. Gowers (a film director) & Mr. Brill (a sound man) volunteered to come in. Very kindly, they made a film with us about ‘LIFE ON EARTH’ for the Art & DT exhibition. Firstly, Mrs. Mansfield very wisely chose a team to help Mr. Gowers and his sound man. There were lots of jobs: camera operator, sound assistant, runners, interviewers and clapperboard man. The aim of the film was to interview children from nursery to Year 6. There were 2 or 3 children from each class; the interviewers asked them many different questions about ‘LIFE ON EARTH’. Altogether, we shot 2 ½ hours of footage. Surprisingly, all of this will only be cut down to 5 to 10 minutes

By Gabriel, Fred and Ethan, 6M

Edited & typed by Tobias, 6M


To view the video click here