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Olympic Opening Ceremony

On Friday 15th June in the afternoon, the whole school took part in an Olympic opening ceremony. Firstly, 5T (our class) went out onto the playground holding a piece of paper with countries names on, then every class came out and sat in a line by the country they had been working on.

Once all of the classes were sat down and the parents had all arrived, one by one the classes started to walk into the netball court waving their countries flags. After that, we all sat down around the netball court while the flag holders sat in a circle in the middle. Then one person from each class, who was the torch bearer, did a torch relay. Next some year threes did a fire dance, and year sixes did some speeches. Following this Maddy read her Olympic poem and it started raining! We finished off with a few Olympic songs and then it was time to go inside because sadly the Olympic ceremony was over. We all had a great time!

By Meg and Bella