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Ray Wilkins’ Visit

At 11.00am on Thursday, 3rd May, an extraordinary man came to Collis; Ray Wilkins, professional footballer. The purpose of his visit was to train the A-Team for the N-power Kids Cup final to be held at Wembley Stadium. Although this was his target, a bunch of lucky children were also asked to attend the session.. For the first activity we were told to do required dribbling skills. We jogged around a marked-out square, keeping the ball at our feet. Ray taught us a feint trick and we all tried it whilst controlling the ball; it is a very effective move. Next we tried a volley exercise. We had to slow the ball down with various parts of our body, then, before touching the ground, we were to kick it to our partner who would catch it. Mr Wilkins made it look really easy.

Finally, Ray arranged us into a game – the A Team vs the B and C Teams. The Bs and Cs were doing quite well at first but then the As scored, twice, ending the game 2-0 to the A-Team. Then we asked Ray questions and got autographs. At the end of the day we were just thrilled that we actually met Ray Wilkins!

- Oliver Bridge