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Roaring Rascal Wins Race!

By Eve Berry

On Tuesday the 3rd of December, Jamie Steggles, aged 10, won a race with her cat car – Rascal. Collis Primary School were making toy cars in DT and decided to have a race.

Screaming and shouting, children were packed into the Collis school hall. “The atmosphere was extremely energetic that day with children buzzing everywhere!” said class teacher, Mrs Freeman.

As the heats started, everyone was excited. Unfortunately, there were a few crashes making people very distressed and annoyed because their car had broken in it. Crazy and anxious, the children were eventually narrowed down to nine cheerful children to take part in the final.

Eagerly, the children lined up to face the final, heart-thumping race. Georgia (a final contestant) exclaimed: “ I am so nervous,” as she got ready for the race. READY, STEADY, GO! The racers were off! In a few seconds, the race was over: Jamie Steggles – Class 6M- had won!

After the race had settled down, it was time for the awards: the craziest car, the most inventive and the fastest. One person was chosen from each class to go and get their certificate. Gold medallist, Jamie Steggles, had made a cat to decorate her car. “I decided to call my car Rascal after my cat.”

Collis will have another race next year. Who will be the next big winner?