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School Council visit the Council Chamber at York House

Yesterday the year six school councillors went on a trip to York House in Twickenham. We all had a great time. Firstly we arrived at York House and were shown a democracy power point on the TV - it was incredibly interesting. We were then asked to do our own vote to see who we thought was the most important person in Richmond. Meanwhile the staff counted up all the votes. Eventually we came to the conclusion and Lord True was the most important. A little while after we got out our out line of a person and drew our very own politician. The results were very satisfying in a strange way.


After the morning we felt very pleased with our self, as if we were a politician at a small age!! We then took another bus back to Collis. We had a brilliant day! I wish we could go again!!


By Tara and Josh (year 6) school council