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Viking Day

On Monday 3rd February, Sir Teachalot came to teach us all about Vikings! Vikings is our History topic. We learnt where they lived, (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) when they raided and home life. They made jewellery out of gold and silver. They had one big room where all of them: cooked, ate and slept. In winters, the room was divided into two. One side was where the animals slept and the other one had all of the home facilities in it. He taught us a Viking game with shields. You stand in a circle and bounce fluff but we used a ball to make it easier. After break we did battle. We used sticks for weapon and shields for protection. Then we closed up together and if he could poke us through he killed us and that meant you are out. I never went out! In the afternoon we killed cabbages. 4B (Miss Bray’s class) used a spear, 4M   (Miss Brannigan’s class) used a sword and 4D (Mr Bates’ class) used an axe.

Vidushi Singhai J