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Year 3 & 4 Rose Theatre trip

Our Rose Theatre trip – the Lower School Choir sing their hearts out at this year’s singing festival.

Today, everyone in the Yrs 3&4 choir gathered in Miss Habershon’s class for a pre-trip chat followed by a very early lunch on the mound outside! Once we’d eaten lunch, Miss Habershon sorted us into groups. We formed a snaking line in pairs and began our very long but sunny walk into Kingston. It was very hot and we wondered if we’d shrivel up in all the sunlight!

When we got to the Rose Theatre we had to wait outside for the morning concert to finish so we made up lots of poems to pass the time. Once we were inside, we rehearsed our medley song and thought we were really loud! Some of us were soloists and felt very special! Our theme was Best of Britain and we included songs from Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland in our medley.

Then we went to have our snacks upstairs and everyone was chatting excitedly. It was so crowded with children from lots of schools!

We sang through some of the joint songs and listened to the other schools perform their songs.

Finally it was showtime! It was time to face the music!! We liked seeing all the Collis parents in their seats. We felt special because we were on stage at the start and we were the first to sing. First we sang In Dublin’s Fair City, then the soloists sang Jerusalem. Next, it was The British Grenadiers, then Auld Lang Syne, Men of Harlech, and finally our favourite, Rule Britannia.

They interviewed some of us. Charlotte and Archie were picked out for their fabulous costumes. They said our choir was really big. But we didn’t know exactly how many of us there were. Too many to count!

Our highlight of the concert was the joint song New Shoes and Shine. We loved it when the parents applauded us.

We hope we can go again next year! We will never forget the good time we had at the Rose Theatre.

By Louisa, Tilly, Issy, Olivia, Zara, Anna, Charlotte and Grace – 3C.