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Year 3 trip to the Natural History Museum

On Monday 19th November Year 3 left school at 9:10 in the morning and went to the Natural History Museum in London. We took a train to Richmond and then a tube to South Kensington. When we got there we went downstairs to hang our things up in the cloakroom. We had a quick snack and went upstairs to see the Dinosaurs! It was amazing! After that we had our lunch and then went to see the Mammals and the Creepy Crawlies. We then lined up and went downstairs to the Investigate Centre. We found a moon rock which had yellow lines all over it and it was a whitish black colour. We also found an enormous spiral shell which had red spots in the middle. Finally we collected our things and made our way back to school, feeling very sad to leave. We had a great day!

By Rafferty Morais and Vidushi Singhai