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Year 4’s World War II Trip

Year 4 walked to the train station and waited for the train. The train finally came and we got on. When we got there, we couldn’t believe our eyes when a huge soldier walked out of the Methodist Church and led year 4 inside.

He showed us fascinating objects from the houses in World War II. There were: radios, mini make up mirrors, smoking pipes and air raid sirens (very loud!).

It was extremely funny when the parents and teachers were involved in activities.
Marcus and Louisa volunteered to be a German bomber. Their target was to try and drop a beanbag on an orange spot, the next time Marcus had to do it blindfolded!

Before lunch everyone was taught how to use a stirrup hose and Miss Bray was the target, we also practised how to hold rifles with the soldier.

Then we all had our scrummy lunch and some of us brought in special World War II foods such as the Trench cake and Carrot fudge.

After lunch Miss Bray was taught how to use a machine GUN! Some children got to go up to the front and try on World War II uniforms. Grace was dressed up as an army soldier and got in a battle with her mum.

Then the soldier said the last of his facts, we all said a big big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally we went back home, EXHAUSTED!

By Millie and Madeleine (4B)