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Year 5 & 6 O2 Trip

Year 5&6 went to the 02 on the 7th of March 2012 in London. While we were there we saw and did some amazing things, we are going to be telling you about our trip to the 02.

The atmosphere in the 02 was amazing! We were one of the first schools to arrive there. There was a lot of waiting but finally the rehearsal started at 2:00 and finished at 5:00. When it was time to go and sit in our seats everyone was looking for their parents in the busy crowd, luckily we found our parents and our parents knew where Collis was sitting.

Then it all began at 7: 1 0 this was the first year they said our name (unfortunately our banner was upside down), however we were still glad that the school was mentioned! When the first song was put on, everyone started to scream and dance. The lighting was amazing with all the different colours and shapes. The lighting made it all happen. Some of the songs were very slow or jumpy, to all of the jumpy songs everyone in the 02 arena was jumping up and down to the music.

The Young Voices in the 02 is a concert for primary schools around the London area giving them the opportunity to singing with thousands of other school children. In each concert there is a famous guest singer. In 2009 VV Brown was the guest star and in 2011 it was Dionne Bromfield but in 2012 we had someone extra special – Alexandra Burke!!

As well as Alexandra, Connie Talbot sang (who is 11 year old) the wonderful Randolph Mathews and the Irish band the High Kings, sang with the Young Voices choir. They all had moments to show us there amazing voices but the biggest moment was when we all came together (even the stars) and sang are hearts out in the finale which was the queen medley.

Some of the amazing songs we sang where: the power in me, pop medIey, toy story and precious. Everyone loved all of the songs but these where some of the most popular.

Our time at the 02 was great, maybe next time you could come and join us!!!!

By Ella, Kate, Hannah and Poppy