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Year 6 Gunnersbury Trip

Just before the Christmas holiday, year 6 went on a Victorian school trip Gunnersbury Park Museum.

All of the children were told to wear Victorian clothes to make it feel more like the Victorian times. First, we all got onto a big coach that took us all the way to Gunnersbury.

When we arrived, we took a short walk to the museum and lined up in our classes. 6P first went to a Victorian kitchen, whereas 6M went to a Victorian classroom.

In the Victorian kitchen we all pretended to be servants and learnt how it felt to be a Victorian child. Thankfully there were two people telling us what to do. There was a lot of amazing acting, making us feel like a real Victorian child.

In the Victorian school we had to pretend to be Victorian school children. Lots more fantastic acting made us feel even more like Victorian children. Four children were told to be naughty and we saw many different punishments including being caned and the dunce’s hat. (Don’t worry, it was only pretend!)

Lastly, we hopped back onto the coach and went back to school. Over all we had an absolutely fantastic time!

By Sam Carter and William Maycock 6P