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Year 6’s Trip to Gunnersbury Park Museum!

On the week of the 7th November, year 6 went on a trip to Gunnersbury Park Museum. Everyone in the two classes came in great costume. We had a variety of children – some were Victorian maids and others were chimney sweeps. Everybody was very excited about our trip!

It took us a while to get out of Fairfax road in the giant double-decker coach due to lack of space. We had three elderly people and two young men help us navigate our way out! Eventually we got there and our first destination was the classroom and 6m entered the kitchens.

We started with some introductions. The two actresses introduced themselves; there was Amy and she was to be our school teacher, and also Natasha, the bad tempered school inspector! We started off with the register and then we got working our bodies, with drill!

Soon after that, we entered the classroom – first impressions were everything! After about 10 minutes in that classroom we all discovered that being in a Victorian school was very, very hard. It surprised most of us that we actually wrote on slates!! The funny thing was that two of our class member (Daisy and Matt) got the dunces hat! -we all laughed at them!

After a short lunch break, we swapped activities. In the kitchens we were taught by a forgetful, but friendly kitchen maid called Lottie, and a fierce House-Keeper called Mrs Mop. And whenever Mrs Wilber entered the room the girls had to curtsey and the boys had to bow.

In the end, Freya got employed as a Kitchen Maid and Harry as a Footman – they were both pleased with their new jobs! All in all, it was a great day. I am sure that our upcoming Year 6s will love it too!

By Sasha Glassup and Daisy Rhodes-James -6K