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Young Voices Concert 2015, O2

Wednesday was magical.  The year five and six choir went to the Young Voices concert at the O2 in London.  We took the speedy train from Teddington station to Waterloo station.  Next, we went on the tube (underground train) all the way to Greenwich the stop for the O2.  Then we walked into the arena it was huge and all of us were so excited.  Most of us couldn’t wait to start singing!  As soon as we were all settled we sat down and ate our delicious lunches.  We were all very hungry after the long journey.  After lunch, we went for a rehearsal.  The arena was so cool with all its flashing lights and loud music.  We sang all the songs we had practised and some extra as well. Lucy Spraggon was there alongside McLawry, a boy band from Liverpool. Most of us felt like real celebrities getting to sing with them.  Next, we went out of the sparkly arena and had our tea.  Finally, we yet again entered it.  The singing started at seven o’clock all the parents were watching.  Our seats were very high up so we got a great view.  In quite a lot of the songs we were allowed to wave our torches, it looked beautiful.  After being reunited with our parents we all headed home it had been an amazing night definitely one to remember!!  The next morning we were all very tired but I still had the songs we sang stuck in my head.  Olivia 5M