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Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education, alongside Citizenship (PSHE&C) is a planned programme of teaching and learning that promotes pupils’ personal and social development and their health and well-being. We at Collis School believe that PSHE&C should explicitly reflect and be reflected in the values and ethos of our school. As a staff we are firmly committed to establishing a common sense of purpose; a welcoming atmosphere; codes of conduct for encouraging positive behaviour and respectful relationships; challenging discrimination and bullying; promoting courtesy and respect; raising and recognising achievement; consulting and valuing all members of the school’s community; and the example set to pupils. We are also committed to ensuring that all pupils stay as healthy as possible and keep themselves and others safe by promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils in our delivery of Sex and Relationship Education.


Aspects of Sex and Relationship Education and Drug Education are also taught within the Science National Curriculum requirements. Our programme is age appropriate and allows pupils to work at their own levels of understanding. The purpose of the Drug Education programme is to give pupils the knowledge, skills and attitudes to appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and relate these to their own actions, both now and in their future lives.


The school aims to help the children reflect on their experiences and their learning, to understand their personal and social development and to tackle the issues that are part of growing up.


Our vision is that every child:


  • Enjoys school
  • Has high self esteem
  • Respects and cares for others
  • Is healthy and safe
  • Achieves their potential