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Religious Education (R.E.)

The teaching of R.E at Collis reflects the diverse religions and beliefs in our multicultural society. Our Programmes of Study are based on Government guidelines and the recommendations of our local Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE). The main religions studied are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism.


The R.E curriculum contains two main elements – Learning about Religion and Learning from Religion. We aim to give the children a knowledge of and a respect for both their own traditions and culture and those of others.


Pupils explore the many facets of each religion including stories, celebrations, beliefs, practices, symbols, worship and rituals. They investigate the similarities and differences between different religions and the role religion plays within communities today.  We have an extensive range of artefacts in school to further the interest and understanding of the children.


R.E has cross curricular links with core and foundation subjects. These include Art, Literacy, History, Music and PSHCE. Lessons are enhanced by the use of ICT, expressive arts, visits and visitors. We have regular assemblies containing quiet times for reflection.