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What are the expectations concerning behaviour?

We want every single child to enjoy school, have high self-esteem, respect and care for others and feel safe.  Behaviour and safety are central to all we do at Collis.   We encourage children to be caring, responsible, co-operative and polite and we are committed to creating an atmosphere and environment where all children are offered the best chance to develop and succeed.


We have excellent strategies for promoting positive behaviour where our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour.  We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping children to see that good behaviour is valued. The most frequent reward is praise, informal and formal, public and private, to individuals and groups.


Sanctions range from expressions of disapproval, through withdrawal of privileges, to referral to the Headteacher, informing parents and, in the last resort, exclusion (following the LEA guidelines). Most instances of poor behaviour are relatively minor and can be dealt with through minor sanctions.


To support this, at the beginning of every year, each class develops its own code of conduct. Within these codes of conduct, we encourage self-discipline so that children learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Typically pupils behave extremely well, both in school and on visits. Behaviour issues are dealt with as they arise by class teachers and the leadership team. Parents are always involved if there are serious or more persistent problems. 

The Behaviour Policy was developed following discussion with parents, teachers, children and governors. The Home School Agreement, issued to all parents, also includes some elements of the Behaviour Policy.