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We believe that writing should be a creative/developmental process both at a functional and an imaginative level. All attempts at writing are valued and we believe that all children have the potential to be successful writers. The compositional and transcriptional skills are taught alongside the creative aspects.


In Foundation Stage, children experience writing in a range of settings and opportunities for developmental writing are available through all areas of learning and throughout the learning environment. Children’s own attempts at early writing are celebrated and promoted, alongside the direct teaching of the key skills that will enable the children to progress through the stages of writing development.


In Foundation Stage and KS1, children’s writing that needs interpretation will be transcribed by a teacher or adult working with the group.


Throughout the school, the children are given opportunities to develop their confidence and practise their writing skills. Wherever possible, writing activities are given a purpose and audience, e.g. through book making or presentations of their work. Independent writing will always be preceded by looking at similar texts and practising the skills necessary so that pupils feel confident to write their own texts. Independent writing is supported through the use of dictionaries, word banks, prompt cards, writing frames and I.C.T where appropriate.


The school environment celebrates quality writing through displays of work in both handwritten and typed form. Writing is an integral part of every day at school. Adults in the school act as good role models and functional and creative writing is demonstrated by staff and visitors.