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At Collis Primary School, we place high importance on the professional development of all staff.  It is a process of continuing learning, which takes account of the school’s priorities, national initiatives and the needs and interests of individual members of staff.  As a National Support School we have a high level of expertise that we have utilized in planning our current CPD programme.




Collis School provides many different training opportunities including school-based training, training provided by external providers, visits to other schools and sharing good practice by working alongside other colleagues.


Future Training at Collis (see attachment)


Enhancing the Use of Teaching Assistants'


Dr Rob Long - Behaviour as Communication

Dean Beadle - Autism

Sally Franklin & Paula Bosanquet - Maximising the Impact of TAs EEF project

Monday 4th June 2018 (all day training)


James Nottingham (Creator of the Learning Pit - Author of Challenge Learning)

Tuesday 4th September 2018 (all day training)


January 2018


Sir John Jones - 'The Magic-Weaving Business'



Sir John spoke for over three hours at Collis on 3rd January inspiring the staff and governors with his wonderful insights and humour. The focus of the talk was centred on the powerful impact teachers have on young people and how learning can make a profound difference in their lives. Sir John was knighted in 2003 for his services to education, he worked most of his professional life in challenging schools across the North West of England, his last post being the head teacher of a large secondary school in Merseyside.


His achievements and reputation for straight talking, leadership and creativity led him to be invited onto various organisations, panels and think tanks including the National College for School Leadership, the DfES’ Leadership Development Unit, the Teacher Development Agency’s National Remodelling Unit and visiting posts with both Manchester and Liverpool Universities.


It was a truly inspirational day and the best way possible to start 2018.


If you would like to find out more about Sir John, please visit his website http://sirjohnjones.com/




September 2017


Andy Griffith - Teaching Backwards


On Tuesday, 5th September Andy Griffith led a thought provoking and practical training day training day for Collis staff. We were joined by two other local primary schools Hampton Wick Infants and Green Lane. It was a great opportunity for the three schools to work together using the ‘Teaching Backwards’ programme based on Andy’s bestselling book Teaching Backwards.


Andy Griffith demonstrated how to plan lessons where the destination or goal is revealed to the children at the outset of the lesson. With this 'backwards' approach teachers not only clarify their high expectations for learning but also ensure children are clear about what success looks like.


If you would like to find out more about Andy’s approaches, please visit his website




January 2017


Will Ord - Great Learners and Philosophy for Children P4C


On Tuesday, 3rd January Will Ord delivered an incredible training day for Collis staff. We were joined by two primary schools Fern Hill (Kingston) and Bishop Gilpin (Merton). It was a great opportunity for the three schools to work together collaboratively and share ideas about how we can motivate and inspire children through different approaches to teaching and learning.



Will Ord talked about the following themes: What is a great learner? What skills, attitudes and dispositions do children need to succeed in school & in life? What can teachers do to build great learning in their classrooms? He explored many practical strategies for developing confidence, independence, engagement, risk taking, thinking skills, good dialogue, reflection & memory in both the staff and classroom.

Will Ord has trained teachers in over a thousand primary & secondary schools all over the UK during the last 11 years. He also works abroad and has learned a lot from his training in South Korea, Thailand, Bahrain, Norway, Dubai, Colombia, Mexico, China, America, Ghana, India and Sri Lanka. Will has also given keynote speeches at national and international conferences on many aspects of teaching & learning, school development, and education in the 21st century.


If you would like to find out more about Will Ord’s approaches, please visit his website:   http://thinkingeducation.co.uk/home


September 2016


Guy Claxton - Building Learning Power


On Tuesday, 6th September Guy Claxton delivered a thought provoking training day for Collis staff. We were joined by two primary schools Fern Hill (Kingston) and Bishop Gilpin (Merton). It was a great opportunity for the three schools to work together collaboratively and share ideas about how we can motivate and inspire children through different approaches to teaching and learning.



Guy Claxton is Emeritus Professor at Winchester University and a visiting Professor at King’s College London. He is a renowned cognitive scientist who writes and lectures about building positive learning habits and attitudes.


The day centered on Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power. Guy talked about key learning dispositions which enable children to become more confident, independent and thoughtful learners.


Children should not be limited by ‘ability’, their capacity to learn should be developed by teaching them how to learn and by nurturing key skills and attitudes. These skills include perseverance, mental agility, resourcefulness, independence and the ability to apply learning.


Inspired by these principles and the practical ideas given, the three schools spent time together discussing how we can cultivate these important learning habits and skills. If you would like to find out more about Guy Claxton’s approaches, please visit his website: http://www.guyclaxton.net/

February 2016


John McCarthy - Another Kind of Education


John McCarthy provided an inspirational talk for staff and associates of the school on 23rd February 2016.  As one of our parents, we are used to seeing John on a day-to-day basis at drop-off time or at school events.  This is a far cry from his experiences between April 1986 and August 1991 when John endured nearly two thousand days in captivity, after being taken hostage in the Lebanon. 



John told the story of how he was captured and the long difficult years he spent, initially, in solitary confinement and, subsequently, sharing a cell with Brian Keenan.  The experiences and the conditions they suffered were desperate but, out of this, a strong friendship and support for one another emerged.  Humour played a large part in helping them to survive times when the future seemed hopeless. 


When asked how he got through over five years in captivity, John simply says that he, 'Just survived'.  However, his courage and determination seemed extraordinary to the audience. 


There are many lessons about relationships, strengthen and the human spirit that we took away from this moving talk and will remember for a long time to come. 


If you would like to find out more about John, follow the link here:  http://www.johnmccarthytalks.co.uk/

January 2016


Steve Bowkett - Creative Writing


Steve Bowkett led an excellent training day at Collis on 4th January 2016.  Staff from Fern Hill Primary School in Kingston joined us for the day.  This provided an opportunity for both schools to share ideas and experiences.


Steve Bowkett taught English in Leicestershire for 18 years.  He is now a full time writer, storyteller and education consultant.  His particular interest is in using cognitive thinking skills and encouraging children to use and develop their imaginations.



The day was packed with ideas.  A range of writing games designed to motivate children to write was explored.  Activities involving wordplay developed children’s love of language, including how to use nonsense words creatively. The importance of developing children’s observational skills and encouraging them to notice details was also highlighted.


Staff from both schools came away from the day inspired with many different ideas for developing children’s writing.


The link to Steve Bowkett’s website is here