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School Council

The School Council is made up of a representative from each junior class. Its aim is to improve the school with everyone’s ideas and comments. The School Council meetings are held every Monday at 1pm. If you have any comments, in every class there is a representative for you to share your ideas with. The School Council members for this year are:

Year 3

Year 3 1
Year 3 2
Year 3 3

Year 4

Year 4 1
Year 4 2
Year 4 3

Year 5

Year 5 1
Year 5 2
Year 5 3
Year 5 4

Year 6

Year 6 1 Co-Chair
Year 6 2 Co-Chair
Year 6 3 Secretary
Year 6 4
Year 6 5
Year 6 6

The Chairperson is leader of the School Council. The way they are chosen is, all the year 6’s that are interested in becoming the chairperson will say why they want to and there is a vote. Whoever has the highest number of votes gets through. Also the Chairperson edits the newsletter. The newsletter is produced by the School Council, it contains achievements, information on any events which have taken place recently, and there are sometimes jokes and word-searches. The School Council is your opportunity to share your ideas and comments within the school and the wider community.

Currently the school council are collecting for the Refugee Campaign


Thank you very much to all who donated goods for the Refugee Collection. We have received sleeping bags, tents, roll mats, blankets, socks, hats, gloves, shoes and warm clothes. School Council spent this week’s meeting sorting it into boxes ready to be taken to the CalAid collection point on Saturday morning. CalAid will then deliver a van load of goods to the Refugee camp in Calais on Christmas Day. Hopefully it will make a big difference to the many people who are currently having to cope with living out in the open air in the cold and wet of the winter!

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Picture 1