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The Collis Primary School Council has arrived, and they're on a mission. The representatives volunteered at the beginning of the term, and these pupils were democratically elected to represent their classes for this year. 


During a special assembly on November 3rd, 2023, they were formally introduced to the entire school, proudly wearing their badges symbolizing their commitment to enhancing Collis.


During the meetings, they will share feedback from their classes, discuss ideas, and reflect on what's working well. Importantly, they will also suggest ideas to make Collis even better. They have a budget to implement some of these changes when agreed upon by the group.


With our Head Teacher, as their chairperson, this diverse team of 26 members is dedicated to making Collis School an even better place.


The School Council will meet regularly to discuss various matters. They will invite adults to address specific topics, such as school lunches, playtimes, and also meeting with our school governors.



The Collis School Council - 2023-2024


3LB - Tommy Syers and Maya Le Roith

3F - Theo Bates and Izzy Fagan

3D - Lucas Hanley and Hanalei Preece


4M - Sofia James and Tyger Leftley

4L - Frank Gallimore and Dora Duffy

4D - Tom Evers and Elodie Mann-Smith


5S - Alex Wright and Ava Lewis

5L - Anna Swalwell and Albie Button

5W - George Bibby and Sienna Cartmell


6D - Leo Melik and Emmy Ball

6SW - Amy Gibson and Geraint Dutton

6T - Olivia Allard and Mikhail Boev

6W - Herbie Hutton and Jasmine Le Roith




School Council and Play Team - 12th January 2024




Collis Primary School reached a milestone as the School Council and Play Team finalised the Collis Playground Charter. Created last term by the Play Team, the charter aims to improve break and lunch times for all pupils.


With input from the School Council (see photo), the charter emphasises positive interactions, active play, and an inclusive atmosphere. It's more than just rules—it represents a shared vision for a lively and harmonious school community.


This collaborative effort showcases Collis Primary School's dedication to creating an environment where pupils can thrive socially and emotionally. The joint initiative sets the groundwork for an enhanced and vibrant playground experience, fostering unity and well-being among our pupils.

School Council meet with Governors - 10th November 2023



On Friday, November 10th, 2023, our Collis school council met with our dedicated Collis governors. During this meeting, our pupils shared their thoughts on school safety, their happiness, the lessons they're learning, and their love for reading.

Richmond Pupil Parliament - October 2023


Collis Representatives attended the Richmond Pupil Parliament on Thursday, October 12th. It was an exceptional day, we are proud to say that our students served as outstanding ambassadors for our borough. The speeches they delivered were impeccably written. It was truly enlightening to witness them in action, engaging in thoughtful discussions, asking questions, and providing well-crafted responses. They even had the opportunity to quiz the Mayor and discover her favourite ice cream flavour!


Looking ahead, our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 7th, 2024, when they will convene for our Action Day at Strawberry Hill House. Additionally, the top 10 children have been selected and will soon receive invitations to attend the opening of a local council meeting along with their parents

School Council Meeting - Friday 24th November 2023

School Council Meeting - Friday 16th June 2023

School Council Meeting - Friday 26th May 2023


Collis pupils discussing school meals with

Mike Richardson, Sales & Marketing Director, Pabulum




Paul Dowsett sharing ideas for the KS1 adventure trail




Governors meet with the School Council

Friday 4th March 2022




School Council judging the 'Design a Lab Coat' Competition

Friday 25th March 2022