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Our Charity Work

Collis Primary School is pleased to have been able to support many charities.  Below are some of the 'thank you' letters we have received.

Collis Primary School proudly supports the RNLI - February 2024



Collis Primary School proudly supports the RNLI, raising £1088.56 to aid their lifesaving mission



Crossroads Care - CSA Cake Sale - December 2023


Harvest Festival - October 2023


At Wednesday's October Birthday assembly in 2023, we had the pleasure of celebrating not only the birthdays of our pupils but also our annual harvest festival at Collis Primary School. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Salvation Army for their invaluable role in distributing the food donations to the Teddington area. It's an incredible milestone as this marks the 40th year that Collis has been a dedicated supporter of this charitable cause through our harvest contributions.



The Harvest Festival holds a special place in our traditions, harking back to a time when our ancestors depended on the yield of their fields for sustenance. It's a moment to reflect upon and express gratitude for the abundance of food we enjoy. This tradition carries a rich history in British culture, where farmers would gather to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Salvation Army Film - Harvest Festival 2023