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“Collis lays strong foundations for children to build on in future years”  
- Kevin Hogston


The children transfer from primary to secondary school at the end of Year 6 (Secondary Transfer).


Local secondary schools hold open evenings during the autumn term of each school year to help parents make informed choices.

                                                                                                                          The Road Ahead


Places are allocated in accordance with the Borough’s Secondary Schools Admission Policy.


Please note: priority is no longer given to those children attending local primary schools (formerly known as Linked School Status)


Briefly, places are now allocated as follows:


  1. Children in care, or adopted children
  2. Children with exceptional education, social or medical needs
  3. Children who have an older sibling attending the secondary school of their choice at the time of admission
  4. Children who live closest to their preferred school.


The full Secondary School Admissions Policy can be found on the Borough’s website.


Link to the appeals process for Richmond Borough Schools: http://www.richmond.gov.uk/services/children_and_family_care/schools_and_colleges/school_admissions/admission_appeals



September 2019, our Year 6 children went on to the following schools:





September 2018, our Year 6 children went on to the following schools: