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Children's thoughts on year 6


English is challenging in Year 6 and it is interesting because we read a variety of modern and classic texts.  We write in a range of genres and styles and much of it is cross curricular.  We learn about grammar and spelling in a variety of ways at Collis.  We know that English is important for our lives and we have produced some amazing writing.   (Grace and Fiona)



We have covered so many things in maths this year.  I have really enjoyed all of the greater depth and investigative maths as it has really challenged me.  I enjoy learning with my friends and sharing my ideas with others.  We have made games and other activities to help us learn and remember.  We’ve also watched film clips and sung to help us remember key things.   (Lakshmi)



We learn about the scientific world through investigations, film and activities designed to make us question.  I have found science interesting and fun.   (Toby)



Art is a fun and carefree subject where we are able to relax and be as creative as we can.  We cover so many topics and artists such as William Morris, Pop art, people on motion, a sense of place (landscapes in a variety of styles).  We use a range of media from pastels, to watercolours, to collage, poster paint and charcoals.  We have also created many of our sets and props for productions as well as in other curriculum areas.   (Rona)



We have learned about the Victorians using a range of activities:  a diary entry through the eyes of a chimney sweep and an historical story focussing on Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  We have also studied the Battle of Britain with its fierce aerial battles and discovered the courage of the pilots and crew.  The Mayan civilisation was our final focus in Year 6.  Our Mayan masks made a wonderful display.   (Oliver)



Geography teaches us about the continents and countries of the world and in Year 6 we focus in on Asia.  We also study the mountains of the world and coastlines using the Isle of Wight.  Geography often has an arty twist to it.   (Grace)


Design and Technology

We made cars using electrical circuits and raced them – it was great fun!  We also made mini Christmas cakes, bread and then slippers from scratch using sewing techniques.  I learned how to do so many things.   (Freddie)



We experience a range of sport at Collis throughout the whole year.  We have also begun the ‘Daily Mile’ (an initiative to walk or run a mile every day).  We have the opportunity to play for the school netball, tag, cricket, football, swimming, running and athletics teams and have entered a range of competitions in the borough.  We have also had specialist teachers and sports people come to Collis to support and extend our sporting skills, which has been fantastic.  Sport teaches us to be healthy, focussed and work as a team.   (William)



French is always fun and interesting in Year 6.  We play a variety of games, sing songs and do many activities to help us learn the language.   (Isobel)



Music has been fun in Year 6.  We have studied rock and rap and even made some compositions using software to complement well known rock songs.  We have re-written a rap song about our time at Collis and performed these pieces to our peers.  We are encouraged to play instruments during music lessons and in assemblies.  Our Year 5/6 choir has been amazing fun and we have even sung at the O2.  Music is a big part of Collis life.   (Scarlett)



We cover so many areas in Year 6 computing.  We begin with excel spreadsheets, making power points with animations, scratch and other coding packages, animation software, pivot stick to name but a few.  Most importantly, we talk about e-safety a great deal.   (Ben)


Religious Education

These lessons are brilliant: culture, geography, history, beliefs and art, plus lots of discussion.  You learn a lot more than you think.   (Henry)



We learn a lot about ourselves, how to approach things positively and we think about preparing ourselves for our future at secondary school and beyond.  We talk and share our ideas in a kind and supportive way.  It’s also a great deal of fun.  We are able to run for House Captain and have all enjoyed being monitors over the year.   (Charlie)


Trips and Events

Year 6 offers many exciting opportunities through a range of lunchtime and after school clubs.  We also have a great deal of speakers who come to share information about their lives.  We attend Junior Citizen, on-road cycling proficiency and we lead the carol service at our local church before Christmas.  Our school journey to the Isle of Wight is fantastic and one of the best events of the whole year.  The days are jam-packed with activities and it’s so much fun to hang out with friends and make new ones.  It’s also different with your teachers as they are able to have fun too.  We finish with our Year 6 production which is awesome.  We practise really hard and then entertain our families and friends.  Dressing up and performing is so exciting and great for your confidence.  We finish with the Year 6 Leavers barbeque at school and then the leavers assembly.   (Zuli)


Year 6 is bulging with opportunities to stretch yourself in every way and it’s fun!