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Thoughts on Year 1


My favourite part of year 1 was going to Birdworld when we were making our 3D birds. I couldn't wait for our Art lessons afterwards!   Teo


I liked learning about animals in Science. Tigers eat meat but rabbits eat vegetables.   Alfie


I love watching the children develop from Reception to being ready for Year 2.   Ms Fagan


I really enjoyed Maths because I learnt to add up numbers quickly.   Sophie


My favourite thing was learning about animals. We found out about different types of animals in Science and we got to make a model of a bird in Art.   William


I liked when we worked with a number square at Easter to find different number patterns.   Ahmad


Finding out about Teddington in our Geography topic is really enjoyable. The children learn so much about Teddington and we get to find out about their favourite places.   Ms Smith