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Here at Collis, we aim to use a cross curricular approach to our pupils’ learning. We have created relevant and exciting school based learning and trips that build upon the children’s historical knowledge (chronologically) and develop their key historical skills. Through our curriculum, we are committed to all pupils leaving Collis knowing more and remembering more; to foster a life-long love of history and a curiosity to extend this outside of school. 


Through our varied approaches to teaching and learning our intention is that knowledge and skills are transferred from their short-term memory to their long-term memory. 


History lessons show a progression of knowledge and skills, which enable the children to learn in a variety of approaches, to deepen their understanding of the History curriculum. Using a range of resources and key vocabulary, children are given the opportunity to ask questions around their learning and research to help solve their answers. They actively share their ideas within focused discussion opportunities (using a range of appropriate historical vocabulary) drawing comparisons between ‘then’ and ‘now’. To ensure the children’s learning is embedded within a topic or theme, history ‘straddles’ the curriculum: through English, Science, Computing, Geography, Music, Maths, Art, PE and RE, as well as through class, year group and whole school assemblies. Children take part in a variety of visits and trips to consolidate their learning, pose questions, make sense of what is happening in the wider world and make experiences more memorable.


  • Children are assessed on their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways. There is an initial pre-assessment and planning is influenced by this.
  • Children are inspired to extend their knowledge and skills through the delivery of the curriculum.
  • The curriculum is ever developed to reflect the process of change, diversity, relationships, identity and challenges of our society as well as balancing this with British Values.

If you were to walk into History lessons at Collis, you will see:

  • A wide range of historical artefacts being used to engage children and provide greater depth and understanding to a topic.  Each year group has access to a wide range of physical artefacts and books to support their learning, these are used throughout our sessions to ensure interactive and inviting lessons.
  • Relevant visits and trips to extend and engage children within their learning.  We actively seek to bring learning to life through inviting a range of visitors to the school e.g. Dragon Drama, Scottish Day and Year 5 Olympics.
  • Children taking ownership of their learning and extending their love of history outside of school e.g. visiting museums and extending their reading material (and vocabulary).
  • Creativity in learning through individual home projects which is then shared with the school community.