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Collis School Association is a registered charity and we welcome all donations - big and small.


You can donate online, by cheque, via standing order, or payroll giving.  These donations can be enhanced by gift aid or by your employer's charitable giving scheme.


One-off payments and standing orders via your bank


You can set these up directly with your bank, either via online banking or in your branch. Please email csa.treasurertw11@gmail.com for our bank details and we'll get straight back to you.


MyDonate and Paypal


We now have an online donation site which is simple and quick to use. The My BT Donate Online site is quick and simple to use



There is a small charge for card payments (15p for Debit card, 1.3% credit cards).


The CSA Paypal account also allows for one off and regular monthly donations - Paypal will charge 20p +1.4% per transaction, so for regular donations setting up via your bank is preferable - but this is a one-click option if you prefer - click here


You can also select the gift aid option if you are a UK tax payer.




If you would like to write a cheque, please make it payable to “The CSA” and leave it in an envelope at the school office for the attention of the CSA Treasurer.


Gift Aid


A very easy way to provide us with extra funds – if you are a UK tax payer we get an extra 25% on top of your donation from the British Government. Email us for a form at csa.treasurertw11@gmail.com or simply tick the relevant boxes when you donate via MyDonate (above).


Give As You Earn


If your employer has a scheme (and most do), this is a tax-efficient way of donating. Your employer will donate from your pre-tax salary. Please check with your employer if they offer this scheme. Some may use the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) which we also work with.


Employers charitable giving policy 


If your company has a charitable giving policy, they may be able to match your donations. Almost all large companies do this, and many small/medium companies also do, so if you do choose to donate directly, please check your company website or via HR first to find out their charitable giving / matchfunding policy. In some cases they will match time as well as money, which we also welcome.




Register with this website and enter Collis School Association in the chosen charity box. Then remember to access your online shopping via easyfundraising's homepage, and they will give us a small donation every time you purchase an item from one of hundreds of online stores.