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Children's Thoughts on Year 2

Here are some thoughts from the children on their experiences in Year 2…




I loved writing the story of the Princess and the Pea because I really like writing and it was fun. Lily




I liked it when we were learning about partitioning because before I knew one way and now I know two ways. Aarya




When I did the symmetrical patterns… we were allowed to do whatever design we wanted. I did a window with me inside. Anand




We froze things like ketchup, honey, water, olive oil, orange juice and washing up liquid.  I learned about which things froze and which didn’t.  Ruby




I loved drawing my motorbike picture.  I used pastels and did a good drawing.  Max




We studied Florence Nightingale and I really enjoyed learning about nurses in the Crimean War.  Charlotte




I liked it when we studied the names of Capital cities around the world. Marine



We learnt how to play Tag rugby in year 2. Max




We made vehicles.  I made a blue van out of cardboard. Tom




I liked it when Mrs Cooper showed us how to play the recorder.  We played in Birthday Assembly.  Tilly




We learned about Buddhism and Judaism. Molly


School Trip


We went to the RAF museum and saw all kinds of bombs and aircraft which were in the wars. Carina