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The children's thoughts on Year 4


‘I really enjoyed reading poems and having the chance to write our own.  I love using fun and interesting words.’ Clothilde



'Solving problems in Maths is really enjoyable.  I love working out the answer and learning new things.'  Daniel



‘Finding out how the world wide web works was so interesting.  I never knew how information got to my screen from websites but now I do.’ Francesca



‘I love the experiments.  The best one was when we looked at bread decomposing after we had touched one slice with our dirty hands and the other with clean hands.  It was disgustingly fun to see the bread turn mouldy.’ Charlie



‘Creating our very own paintings is great.  I loved using watercolours to paint an owl on a snowy day.  We even made it into a calendar.’ Faith



'Learning about the Romans was great fun.  It was great to learn about Boudica and how she stood up to the Romans when she thought they were being unfair.'  Tabitha



‘Finding out lots of the capital cities of Europe was very interesting.  I know Warsaw is the capital of Poland and Bern is the capital of Switzerland.’ Holly



‘I didn't feel 100% confident when my teacher showed me the vaulting box.  After having a few goes after 2 more PE lessons, I vaulted straight over and landed neatly.’ Alex



‘My favourite activity in DT was making my very own torch with a working circuit.  Working with electricity was exciting and my torch still works now!’ Evelyn



'We learned to sing a song entirely in French.  We also made our own compositions in groups and performed them using glockenspeil, drums and maracas'  Amelie



'Learning about different Hindu gods was really fun.  We learned facts and got to draw them.  The one I found most interesting was Rama.'  Alex