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The children's thoughts on Year 4


‘My favourite bit was writing World War 2 stories and letters to our parents – pretending we had been evacuated. This all tied in with our history topic which was brill’ Becca



'I've enjoyed doing investigations because they are really challenging but also loads of fun!'  Toby



‘Go Robot Go was cool because you had to type in movements and the robot would draw lines – it was challenging drawing curves though, but I just about managed it’ Ben



‘When looking into gravity we made different sized parachutes and timed how long they took to reach the ground. It was great fun!’ George



‘I loved making surreal pictures of our dreams – everyone’s turned out looking rather strange!’ Kizzy



'We learnt what it would be like to be evacuated during WW2 and we met a Viking man who showed us how to charge for battle!'  Jack



‘We studied the town Chembakoli, in India and I enjoyed finding out about their daily life, what they eat and how they build their own houses’ Johan



‘We made up our own Bollywood dancing moves, and performed them in front of the class. It was tricky getting all the moves in time’ Hannah



‘DT was my favourite subject because in Year 4 we made cool mini chairs and pneumatic toys that move when you push the syringe’ Becca



'I liked it because we could create our own song and sing it for our assembly. The warm up exercises were good and my favourite song was ''Roar'' by Katy Perry.'  Catia



'We had lots of fun doing posters on the Hindu Gods in R.E., as it was exciting to learn about the different Gods and traditions.'  Lakshmi