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At Collis Primary School, we strive to cultivate a real enjoyment of music and aim to deliver high quality music teaching, supporting and encouraging all children to achieve their full potential.  Through Music at Collis, we aim to foster a love and understanding of music through active involvement in listening, appraising, composing and performing. We endeavour to enable children’s personal expression, reflection and emotional development through music making, both individually and together and promote the understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of world cultures, styles, times and periods.


Collis holds music in high regard and the range of additional musical opportunities in which the pupils can be involved reflects this:

- A range of peripatetic music tuition is on offer provided by the Richmond Music Trust.

- All children take part in whole school singing.

-All children will learn to play a musical instrument.

-All Children will have the opportunity to attend a musical performance or workshop at school or externally.


We encourage opportunities to perform individually and in groups to the school and the wider community. For example, the annual Year 3 trip to Elleray Hall gives the children the opportunity to sing to and meet elderly people in the local day centre. The Years 5and 6 carol concert takes place at St Mary with St Albans at which all children who are learning a musical instrument are given the opportunity to perform solo or in an ensemble. The upper school choir will perform and will include soloists.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to perform in assemblies, productions and concerts which all provide important opportunities for the children to perform, share and enjoy music through singing, playing and listening to music.


Children have the opportunity to join school-based extra-curricular musical clubs before school or at lunchtime, including Year 3 and 4 choir, Years 5 and 6 choir and orchestra, run by members of staff and RMT.



Music lessons are provided on a weekly basis throughout the School, and are taught using the Charanga scheme of work, which ensures progression of skills across the year groups.

In addition, Sing Up is used to complement this scheme.  Music lessons and activities are planned in such a way as to encourage full and active participation and enjoyment by all children.

BBC Ten Pieces puts classical music and its historical period into context for KS2 children.


Nursery and Reception children regularly take part in singing and rhythmic games and explore a large range of musical instruments from different cultures.


The children at Collis Primary school develop a passion for music and sing to a high standard. Their skills including composing and performing within the music curriculum progress against the national curriculum objectives. As well as this, the children are given opportunities to participate in extra-curricular instrument tuition run by Richmond Music Trust or in our school Orchestra or Choirs. Music has also been seen to have had a positive impact on well-being and mental health. Children thoroughly enjoy singing together in weekly singing assemblies and school productions.

If you were to walk into Music lessons at Collis, you will see:



  • Collaboration and discussion
  • Sharing of instruments
  • Courage – having a go and performing
  • Engagement and enjoyment
  • Creativity.
  • Learning a new skill